Software Development

Most will agree, there is a distinct difference in the look and feel of a tailored suit when compared to buying “off-the-rack.” At Korevariance, we strive to be better. We offer some of the best rates without losing quality in the nation. We provide tailored, curated, and precise custom software.

Our Services 

A great developer codes with the mindset of a buying customer. We build all projects from past performance and feedback. In each project, you’ll work with a team if progressive consultants, user experience experts, and quality assurance engineers that leave no stone unturned and no bug unfixed.

Software Development

App Development

Website Development 

How Do We Work?

We are hands on project managers and developers. We dynamically reinvent your spoken creativity and write it into code.More than just functional, we provide complete user experience that compels visitors to come back time and time again.

  • Initial consultation with a project manager and developer to learn about your new project.
  • Roughly a week or less turnaround for a detailed proposal for your new project.
  • Samples, UX Mock-ups, and Demos based on your design.
  • Development of your project with regular checkins for feedback, revisions, and a beta period before going live.
  • Go live, regular checkins for system backups, and ongoing maintenance for software updates.

Three Types of Development

Although, there are more types of development, the vast majority of all projects fall within Custom Software, Web and Mobile Apps, and Website Development. If you have a project that falls outside of this, please let us know, and we’ll gladly work with you too.

We uniquely deploy cross functional development for all types of platforms. Our benefits are unparalleled with quality assurance and complete beta testing. Whether you’re building a backend lead capture system or a HIPPA compliant patient information database, we have you covered.

We collaboratively build cross platform compatible software for all types of uses and services.  With a strategic network of engineers and award winning in-house developers, we’ll help your “Napkin-Design” come to life.

The average iPhone App has about 50,000 lines of code, and no we aren’t your “Drag and Drop” software company. We build heuristic Web and Mobile Applications that run seamlessly on all platform while maintaining ease of use.

Ever click through a website and it tells you exactly what you want to buy just by choosing your interests? Well, that’s the sign of a good developer. Web Apps come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you need to distinguish preference or build a company survey, we have you covered.

DIY is great, but a Professional’s creativity will bring your idea to life. The biggest organizations “Punt.” They hire professionals to build what they can’t. Web Development is all about creativity and simplistic user experience. We add a win-win design to every project that understands budget, while boasting creativity and skill.